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International House Dover Place, Suite 5 , 8th Floor, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1HU

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Softwaremarket store was established by Callum Cameron and William Wright in late 2019, and was established to bridge the gap between global investors looking to enter or expand investment in the cryptocurrency industry.

Our team is full of some talented individuals in their field and our community of 500 active, supportive, and friendly members. Together as a community, we strive to educate each other about the benefits of investing in digital currencies, and we keep each other informed of the latest news events in the industry.

Come and join us in our endeavor to establish the cryptocurrency industry as an alternative monetary system and learn how you can make better use of it during the stages of youth.

Callum Cameron

Co-Founder / Director

William Wright

Co-Founder / Director

Luise Litt

Head of Research

Jessica Pearson

Head of Sales & FX Trading

Katrina Bennett

Head of Investment

Rachel Zain

Head of Marketing