DigiMine Crypto Mining V1.0 – Premium Software Technology

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  • Lifetime Updates
  • Full Setup Size:  55 Mo
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux.
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 04th aout 2020
  • Worldwide: Available in all countries without exceptions
  • Access to our Technicians & Support Staff 24/7

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About DigiMine Crypto Mining V1.0 Software :

  • Considered the easiest-to-use mining software with its intuitive graphical UI, DigiMine Crypto Mining is also one of the most versatile. You can run it on Windows, Mac, and Linux, seamlessly switch from one type of mining hardware to another with it, and use it to mine different types of cryptocurrency.

    One of DigiMine Crypto Mining most advanced benefits is its ability to automatically scan and detect your mining hardware’s details, like its average hashing power and the pool that it’s linked to.

    The mining software can also give you the option to automatically mine the most profitable or lowest difficulty cryptocurrency at any given time and even displays your projected profits.

That’s What You Get :

Activation Code
  • You will get an activation code to activate 1 software. The code only works for 1 software on 1 PC. The code will work for all time. Every code is unique.
Lifetime Updates
  • After you purchase the code you will get every month free updates to keep the software up to date.
Instant Support
  • After you purchase the Software you will become a premium user. That means that you will get priority live-chat support that works 24/7!

Secure Software :

All our Softwares and data are fully secured and encrypted through the SSL security protocol, We have encrypted your connection automatically. Software uses VPN and it hides your IP.


Easy To Use :

We created a very simple design for easy use. No coding required to use the software. Just follow the steps on the software and you will be able to add money to your Bitcoin wallet.



307 reviews for DigiMine Crypto Mining V1.0 – Premium Software Technology

  1. Nancy T. Grau

    Very honest and professional.

  2. Michelle Lange

    Perfekte Arbeit Jungs.

  3. Alessandra Mancini

    Service is really really simple to use, plus useful to get stable and daily passive income.

  4. Ju Lo

    All process perfect from start to finish.

  5. Kelly C. Swanson

    Epic work and great website, really I’m so surprised about it… Please the software available on my country USA?
    I’m so interested, waiting for your reply!

    • Software Market

      Really we’re glad you’re here madam Kelly, anyway about the software available on all countries and platforms without excpetions.

  6. Kelly C. Swanson

    Thanks a million for the fast reply from support team service, I’m purchased my version and I’m so surprised again with the high-quality process in addition smooth options… God will bless you for your typical work.

  7. Wendy W. Bunting

    How much time I can use it per one day?

    • Software Market

      You can use the software every single day once time, madam Wendy and get stable plus daily profits.

  8. Wendy W. Bunting

    Thanks for your very fast reply, team, by the way I’m purchased ” DigiMine Crypto Mining V1.0 ” already… The software working and paying 100%
    I have one propostion for you support team service:
    I hope in the next updates, to give us more options to use the software more than once time on a day, apart from that, I’m very satisfied and surprised about your professionalism in addition epic work.
    #TheBestPeople #FreeBitcoin #RealWayToGetCryptocurrency

  9. Ahmed

    Thank You For This Great Program

  10. Claudia Frankfurter

    Tolle Firma mit exzellentem Kundenservice und sehr schneller Lieferung. Sehr zu empfehlen!

  11. Tanja Grunwald

    Es ist wirklich super.

  12. Chen Chin

    इस बाजार में सबसे अच्छी और एकमात्र कंपनी जिस पर मुझे भरोसा है।
    अच्छा काम करते रहें!

  13. Yi Min Hsu

    बहुत अच्छा अनुभव है।

  14. Anna Eichelberger

    Ich habe von Anfang bis Ende gute Erfahrungen mit dieser Plattform gemacht.

  15. Joshua P. Caswell

    Best service ever 🙏🙏

  16. 趙雅恩

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  17. Nadine König

    Einfach zu bedienen und die Ergebnisse sind großartig!

  18. Jennifer V. Washington

    Purchase was easy, fast, and fairly priced.

  19. Abbie Haynes

    Awesome customer service! Quick and easy instructions.

  20. Albracca Godin

    Facile et efficace, génial!

  21. Robert E. Meyer

    Brilliant service as always!

  22. Jude Webb

    Friendly ,efficient, professional and safe…

  23. Tadeo Portillo Mata

    En mi opinión muy profesional.

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  25. Leonardo Romani

    Ottimo personale professionale e cortese.

  26. Wiesław Borkowski

    Świetna obsługa, dobra oferta i brak presji sprzedaży.

  27. Szczeosny Woźniak

    Одлична услуга

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    Nice and very easy setup system.

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    Great online service.

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    Fast delivery service, software easy to use and get stable passive income.

  35. Sinku Bodi

    Perfect and fast.

  36. Nasim Nasir Boulos

    Very kind support team service.

  37. Musette René

    Plateforme parfaite!

  38. Donglu Tsao

    Is there any particular PC configuration needed for this process?

    • Software Market

      No, the software working on all systems without any conditions or particular configuration.

  39. Donglu Tsao

    Everything works honestly and properly!

  40. 是松 凛

    Thank you so much for support team service, they’re amazing people.

  41. Alphonsine Labrecque

    Service de première classe.

  42. 莊姿吟

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  73. Dylan Skinner

    I saw 100% great and positive feedbacks… I wanna to purchase my own version also! Please tell me it’s available in my country India, exactly Calcutta? The last questions: I can use it via my phone or tablets?
    God bless all the team.

    • Software Market

      Thanks for your great words sir, by the way all our softwares available on: Phones, laptops and tablets.
      Of course you can use it around world, without any problems or VPN.

  74. Dylan Skinner

    Highly recommend for all cryptocurrency-users.
    They’re legit and professional 100%
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  104. Abel Opris

    Hello i have a question what is the maximum amount you can generate per mining

    • SoftwareMarket

      The maximum amount you can generate per one day is 1 Bitcoin exactly sir Abel.

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    Truly a blessing and brilliant company!

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  108. amran

    Please I’m very interesting about this tool… Is it support phones?

    • SoftwareMarket

      Our softwares and services are support all computers, phones and laptops.

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    Hello ,
    How much BTC i can earn in day with this software ?

    • Software Market

      You can get 1 bitcoin per one day as profits sir.

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    How many times can I use this program ???

    • Software Market

      You can use it sir Shorikov for one year exactly sir, for more informations ou can contact the customer service here:
      [ [email protected] ]

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  167. The Big

    To : Purwadi Haryanto
    Apakah software work 100% dan menghasilkan 1 bitcoin/days?

    • Software Market

      Yes sir the software working 100% and you can get everyday 1 bitcoin without any withdrawal costs.

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    It’s working Android? Like app?
    I Don’t have pc.
    Please answer me?

    • Software Market

      Working on all systems: Phones/Laptops/Computers/Tablets.
      For more details contact the support team service.

  177. Rupal Prasad Krish

    A fantastic experience.

  178. Abdul Prasad Rao

    I have no: Laptop, computer or tablet… Please I can use this service trough my phone ( Android ) ?
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    Waiting for your reply guys.

    • Software Market

      You can use the tool via all systems with no exceptions sir Abdul.
      Note: The software support all countries also.

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    • Software Market

      Thanks a lot sir Jakob for your support, by the way about the software:
      Support all countries and systems with no exceptions.

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