Gekkoscience Terminus SHA256 Bitcoin R606 Pod Miner

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  • Enclosed aluminum shell with fan and heat sink makes sure the miner runs cool.
  • Stock speed is 700Ghs but can be overclocked to 1Ths..
  • Use cgminer to mine any SHA 256 algorithm.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi.
  • Requires 12V 8-10 Amps power supply which can be connected using 2.1*5.5mm barrel jack or 6-Pin PCIe connection.


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Introducing the latest and most quiet consumer miner from GekkoScience, the (up to) 1Th/s Terminus R606 USB Pod Miner. In-stock with immediate shipping.

Full specifications:

  • Mines SHA256 coin algorithm
  • Can mine Bitcoin at Speeds Up to 1Th/s when overclocked on a raspberry pi / Linux
  • Stock speed out of box: 700 GH
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi
  • Uses Cgminer software
  • Quiet, Enclosed Design is Perfect for Highly Efficient Home Mining!
  • Mine almost any SHA256 cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, digibyte, etc
  • Push Button Power Increase & Decrease for Simple Voltage Adjustments!

What you are buying:

  1.  Gekkoscience R606 Terminus Pod Bitcoin ASIC Miner
  2. Mini USB cable

Finally, that quiet, efficient, stackable, adjustable, 60-120W miner that you can use in your home or office! The R606 is fully-enclosed in an aluminum shell for better air ducting (including better main regulator cooling for high-end stability). Heatsinking is improved for more efficient ASIC cooling, plus the integrated 80mm quiet fan is a standard size.

The miner features twelve (12) of Bitmain’s BM1387 ASICs (as found in the Antminer S9), and an adjustable core voltage (from 390mV to 460mV) using a simple push-button interface to step up or down in 10mV increments, (no internal calibration required) and a straightforward LED readout.

The Terminus needs an external controller (PC, Mac or Rasp Pi) running cgminer, and connects using mini USB. The miner runs on 12V power from either a standard 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack, or a PCIe 6-pin jack. We highly recommend using an efficient server PSU Kit for best performance.

The “stock” speed is about 700Gh/s, and with any decent power supply, it can theoretically reach speeds up to (or slightly exceeding) 1Th/s+ with an estimated power usage of only ~90-150 Watts when overclocked!


Warning: If using Raspberry Pi as the controller, do not power the Rasp Pi using the R606 miner USB charging port. This will create a negative feedback loop that can short circuit and damage the device. Raspberry Pi should always be powered separately when mining. 

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    If anyone is struggling with finances I’d highly recommend.

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    Arrived in time.

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  5. Felix Austerlitz

    Really easy to order, fast delivery and great prices! Would definitely order again for sure.

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